Much Ado About Everything


Avoiding you, deleting your pictures from my computer,

Blocking you in my e-mail contacts, cutting off every little connection, altogether.

These are the efforts that I’m making, to be able to forget you.

I’d say that I am doing a good job at that.

You don’t hover over my thoughts all day long anymore.

Only sometimes, when I’m in a conversation and suddenly a familiar name comes up,

I think of you, of your smile, of your eyes, of your mysterious voice.

Only sometimes when I have finished watching a movie,

And the credits start rolling up the screen, a much acquainted name grabs my attention.

I then think of you, of your words, of your hands, of your hair.

There are some mornings when I wake up trying to recollect,

A dream that I saw the previous night, and then I realize;

You were all over it, yet nowhere could I see your face.

Only faint words seemed to hit my ears, as if you were calling from far.

Not once did I hear you calling out my name, still I felt you needed me.

I wanted to be by your side, I wanted to comfort you.

Although I knew only too well that this was never to be.

It was only a dream that I wanted to be real,

It was the dream that I wanted to live.

I want to see you, hear your voice, hold your hand.

I want to rest my head upon your shoulder and let myself fall asleep.

Yet here I am, trying in every possible way,

To wipe you out of my memories forever.

I wonder, will I ever succeed in my endeavour?

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Fursat mile kabhi


Kahin dur kisi jheel ke kinaare

Pancchiyon se gappe ladaate

Hawaaon ko apna geet sunaate

Aur baadalon se bad-badatein,

Baahein khole zindagi baithi hogi!

Tujhse dur,

Iss khokhli duniya se dur

Kalesh aur pyaar ke bazaar se dur

Insaano ke iss khaufnaak jungle se

Bahut dur!

Tujhse khafaa,

Maayus aur bebas,

Wo tera intezaar kar rahi hogi

Fursat mile kabhi apne jahaan se…

Toh zara use milte aana!!!

Thaamkar jiska aanchal

Bachpan me sambhalna seekha tha,

Har mushkil mod par

Jiska haath pakadkar chalna seekha tha,

Aaj use hi kisi ki chaukhat par

Chhod aaya hai!

Kisike saaye ka peecha karte-karte

Apne saaye ko bhi

Peeche chhod aaya hai!

Ho sake toh thoda waqt nikalkar

Apni parcchai ke saath bethna,

Uss se uska haal puchna

Aur fir, jab fursat mile kabhi dono ko…

Toh zindagi ko…

Zara gale lagaate aana!!!

Kuch kehti nahi,

Badi bholi hai bechari

Har dard…

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Feelings Unexpressed

I keep looking for you all around,

Why don’t you understand my feelings?

How can I tell you something ,

That I have not even tried telling myself?

How would I stop the tears from falling,

If one day you decide to depart?

Would I be able to plead you to stay,

To rethink your decision of going away?

What would I tell you?

How would I reason with you,

That with you gone,

I would be reduced to nothing but dust?

Had I the skill to speak through my eyes instead,

Then you would have known

That I thought of nobody

But you all the time.

May be that would have made you

Change your decision.

May be you could not leave then

Even if you had to.

Now that you have finally gone,

I keep looking for you still.

Why couldn’t you understand my feelings?

How could I tell you something ,

That I couldn’t tell myself?

Just a proposal…

Light of a hundred lamps has a stupefying effect on me.

So does your smile.

It’s highly infectious and I fall prey to it,

Every single time.

The energy that you carry around with your persona,

Feels to me like a divine aura.

I stand mesmerized, my body overflowing with that contagious energy,

Surging through my veins and gushing through my arteries.

Your power of lighting up everyone around,

Astonishes me over and over again.

What is it in you that draws me towards you

Like a magnet attracting a piece of iron?

I have made sincere efforts to repel you.

Yes, they were sincere enough, weren’t they? I can’t decide.

Because half of me keeps fighting with the other half.

Whether you call it the dilemma between the heart and the head,

Or conflicting thoughts originating from two sides of my brain.

The victim is me as there is never a consensus.

Will you come to my rescue?

Will you be my Knight in Shining armor?

Will you be my Prince Charming?

Will you?

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